Thursday, December 20, 2012


... Is officially the first COLDEST day here in Los Angeles.

... I finally received my Birchbox. I love the festive box it came in this month. I hate that I got a shampoo. I feel like Shampoo samples are a dime a dozen, you know what I mean.
... I headed to my favorite "break" spot across the street. I wasn't looking for anything particular but was very excited to find this little boxed "Gift of the Magi" in excellent condition. And if you remember this post, all books are $1.
... we had our yearly White Elephant gift exchange and Potluck at work.  After 12 years I think  I'm going to stop participating. Let's just say I think I'm a little old, and not the right gender, for Fart Bombs! Seriously?!


  1. Omg it's freezing in California! I've been bundled up non-stop. Merry Christmas!

    xo Emily Beth

  2. Pshh, Chicago was 30 degrees today, count your blessings haha. And that Gift of the Magi was such a wonderful find! I love how old it looks, like I can see little kids in the 1950s sitting under the Christmas tree reading it. Merry Christmas :)