Monday, December 3, 2012


1. Two years ago (after Christmas) I bought a fake little 3ft tree for under $10, since we were in an apartment I thought it was perfect. I didn't open the box, just packed it away to use the next year. Except the next year we were in escrow, so I didn't open it again. This weekend my husband pulls it out of the box and we started laughing at small it was. I was like "That doesn't even look like 3ft!" and then he un-bended the tip at the top.

2. Lately my Babe has been rejecting my requests to take pictures of him. Example: I literally asked him every 10 min, for an hour and a half, to take a picture next to our tree. His response's:
  • no, I'm playing
  • no, I just want to watch my show
  • no, I'm going outside with daddy
  • I said NO
At some point he gave in, I got him up on a stool snapped a picture with my phone, reached for my Canon and by the time I got back in position he was off running. I said "wait, one more", he said "no, that's it".
3. Tomorrow we are headed to Disneyland!! So excited to buy my Babe those cute little Mickey ears and take a zillion pictures of him wearing them :)

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  1. Ha, I'm not alone! Thanks for the reminder! My little one is going through the exact same phase. I'm a photographer. And that's frustrating. =)

  2. haha! omg that is so cute! he is too adorable for words. have fun at disneyland! i was there the other night and it was surprisingly empty so i hope you have the same luck!

  3. Cute photo!

  4. haha your little boy is so cute! "I said no!"
    i wish i had a christmas tree. i should buy a cheap one like you but then I think about storing it and i have no space for that either lol