Monday, January 28, 2013


1. I showed my husband this picture on Pinterest and this was our conversation:
me: I have been looking for a pair of lace shorts that fit me right but haven't found any. If I make them though, they will be perfect.
husband: yeah but, you don't wear those "out" right?
me: um, yeah! why. would you be embarrassed?
husband: yes! Those look like something a baby would wear, over a diaper... not even a toddler, a Baby!

2. Yesterday I was driving home from Target and I saw the PRETTIEST rainbow ever and as I got closer to home I noticed it was a full rainbow. As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I ran inside and told Babe to put his shoes and jacket on. I took him out and snapped this picture but I wish I would have took a picture of his face when he turned around and SAW the rainbow, it was so priceless and so fun to see him in awe of it.
3. It took a year but today was the first time I wanted to cry because of my 1+ hour long drive to and from work. I left my house at 6:35am and got home at 6:02pm. I really hope (I know) It's because of the fact that this week and next is VERY busy for me, so I feel like I am wasting so much precious time sitting in my car.

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  1. That picture of the rainbow is sooo pretty!! What a great capture! And sorry to hear about your commmute :( Commuting is nooo fun at all! I definitely hope it gets better for you!

  2. Guys impression of some clothing styles are the best, that is so funny! What and adorable picture! I can relate to the long commute I used to have a long one and it can feel like such a waste of time! I hope it get's better though:)

  3. Ha ha guys sometimes! I hope you can find some good books on tape or new music for your long commute. Beautiful rainbow =) that's hopeful of spring!

  4. Guys are so straight-forward with their opinions aren't they!!! I'm convinced they either love something or hate it =) And that photo is so sweet...I'm sure Babe's face was priceless as he saw the rainbow =)