Wednesday, January 16, 2013

dressing up

This past weekend was my company party at The Magic Castle. I don't dress up too often so I was a little excited to put on a pretty dress and heels. Unfortunately I did not plan on buying a new dress for this occasion. Instead I chose a dress that I have worn at least 3 other times over the last 5 years! 
Can't go wrong with black right?!
It was really hard for me to get a picture without the sun dots BUT I actually kinda like it.
These Lela Rose shoes (Payless) are my favorite. I love the floral print and that cute little overlap of fabric near the front. I don't know why it looks like they don't fit me but I swear my feet were not coming out with every step I took.

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  1. What a fun company party!! I love both your dress and shoes. I also love when I can feel good about wearing the same dress to special occasions at least 4 times!!!! Way to save money!

  2. You really can't go wrong with re-using a dress.
    Its super cute.

  3. What a classic, lovely outfit! I've scored some crazy cute shoes at Payless over the past year or so...they've been on it! Just discovered your blog while exploring, and happy to be your newest follower...I look forward to reading more!