Monday, January 21, 2013


This past weekend was the most random, somewhat unplanned weekend I have ever had in my life. Saturday morning after breakfast Babe and I went for a walk (I walked, he rode his tricycle), then we put together every puzzle he owns, pruned the roses, did the dishes, then had lunch. 
After lunch we got ready for the day, which is weird because normally I would think "the day is half over, why get ready" but we did plan to take some unused furniture to my brother in A.V.. So we loaded up the truck, drove for an hour, dropped off the furniture, caught a movie with my SIL and her friend (at a super cute theater with reclining loveseat's, what!) and had dinner with my cousin and her family at Marie Callender's, yum! And just a little more about the theater: in addition to being extra cozy, it's located inside of a cute little shop called "Forge", my favorite store on the Blvd.
On Sunday we woke up and went straight to my parents house for breakfast where we met up with my brother and his family. Then I dropped off my husband and Babe at my cousins's house while I went to get a haircut. When I went back to pick them up, Babe threw the biggest fit EVER (ok, in front of other people) because he wanted to stay and play. My husband somehow managed to get him strapped in his car seat and we endured 20 minutes of crying and screaming. By the time we got home I was ready to cry and scream too! So I dropped off the boys at home and headed straight to the mall for a Thai Tea and Macarons. (I did not eat the Macarons while drinking Thai Tea). I stopped in at XXI and luckily had a gift card to purchase these 3 items of jewelry. The bracelet was $1.50 and the purple earrings were .50 cents, on clearance! 
At this point I was happy again!

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  1. cool store! glad that you had a fun weekend!

  2. Love this =) It sounds as though there were lots of happy glad you were able to treat yourself after Babe's meltdown =) And those purple earrings are darling!

  3. what a cutie on his tricycle! wow those are great finds at f21!

  4. How lovely is the first pic :)))
    Thanks For the comment!