Monday, January 14, 2013


1. For the last 4 days my husband and I were living like we were in our early twenties. Staying up late, sleeping in, no kid! Babe was spending time with my SIL, gotta love her.

2. I was sharing a Chipotle burrito with my husband and I said "This tastes really good today. What is this white sauce?". He laughed and said "Sour Cream".

3. My husband has the worst habit of being on his Ipad while we are watching a TV show or movie. So we're watching an episode of The Office and I'm laughing every 10 seconds. He says (very seriously) "can you stop laughing!?" I said "well that's what happens when your not paying attention", he says "no, usually I can hear what is going on. But not when you are laughing". WELL... Excuse Me!

4. Have you seen "Hungry for Change". My cousin recommended it and I immediately regretted those less fat chips I bought last week. And my husband: he said it was making him hungry.

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  1. I had to laugh when I read number 2! Haha!

  2. I just watched that doc, too! Basically sugar = crack but ever since then all I can think about is sugar, sugar, sugar. It's so bad! I'm really trying to cut out sugar (yeah right!) & processed foods now. -__-

  3. You got days alone with husband? I'm so jealous...!
    Just stopping by, saying hi!

  4. Beautiful photo- you are both such a lovely couple!! I need to watch that documentary- it's so weird, just this week, I decided to decrease my sugar intake. I'm hoping to see some positive results from it!

  5. crazy .. I watched hungry for change last weekend ! And yes my boyfriend is constantly on laptop when we are watching movies !!