Sunday, January 20, 2013

365 project week 3

1.14.2013 Work on Monday morning
1.15.2013 My favorite book store
1.16.2013 Unpacked my Princess House animals 
and then re-packed them because I have no idea where to put them
1.17.2013 Much needed at home manicure. I HATE getting manicure's at a nail salon
1.18.2013 Got the best news today....from a fortune cookie
1.19.2013 Play time with my Babe

1.20.2013 Raspberry and Espresso Macarons, I have been craving these


  1. Mmmm. Those macarons look delish!

  2. I love love love your photos - how do you like MK's manicure line? I didn't realize they had one. I also prefer home manicures - I take my time and do it right while the salon seems to be on a timer and half asses it. And can you believe I've still never had a freaking macaron?! *hangs head in shame*