Monday, March 4, 2013


1.This is how I remove my nail polish, and this was a conversation between Babe and I.
me: argh... I'm a monster
babe: who showed you that
me: um... Pinterest
babe: she told you to buy that
me: Pinterest isn't a person. it's a website. like on the computer.
babe: oh... wow!

2. I grew up in the desert and have to say... I don't miss it... ever. But there really are the most amazing sunsets out in the middle of nowhere. I remember growing up, one of my favorite things to do was lay in front of our sliding door watching all the colors in the sky and then counting all the stars afterwards.

3.Last night we had a movie night complete with popcorn, red vines and pepsi (for me... one of my weakness's). I was so excited to watch one of my favorite movies with Babe.. Labyrinth! He actually watched the whole thing and there were moments when he was so into what was happening that we didn't know if he was scared or really enjoying it. I was 6 when that movie came out and only realized last night that, to an almost 4 year old, there might be parts that seem scary.

4. I am dreading the fact that today is Monday.

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  1. I bet sunsets in the desert are awesome! Maybe someday I'll see one... Also, hilarious Pinterest exchange :)

  2. Number 1 is hilarious! Typical guy. that's so awesome!
    Hope you're monday is going well!

  3. seriously. mondays are the worst.

  4. My mind is officially blown by your nail polish remover trick. As I sit here chipping mine off by hand ;)

  5. hope your monday wasn't too dreadful!
    and awesome nail polish remover trick! :)
    nice to meet you today!

  6. I honestly have always thought that Labyrinth is a very scary movie. Because of that, I've always stayed away from watching it.

    7% Solution​

  7. haha the conversation was hilarious!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  8. Hahaha my dad didn't know what is pinterest too until I told him :P
    Following you from GFC Collective , hope you will follow my blog too :)
    Aree With Umbrella

  9. Just found your cute blog through the GFC Collective. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!


  10. hahahah number one cracked me up. guys can be soo funny sometimes, and oblivious :)

    andrea brionne

  11. Oh wow haha that is so funny! You know some catch phrases, I used the "Ready Freddy?" on my brother and he said "...My name's not Freddy." Got to love having those people in our lives :)