Thursday, August 22, 2013

craving... a vacation

Way back in January I had mentioned that I really wanted to take a REAL vacation this year. The last time my husband and I took at least a week long vacation was before babe was born. And since he has been born, the only REAL vacation we took was about 3 years ago to North Carolina and he was with us. We have taken a few small trip that last 2 or 3 days but I am craving a serious getaway!

I want to leave work behind for days and not think about it, not once. I want to lounge on a beach all day without having to worry about cleaning the house or cooking dinner when I get home. I want to dress up for dinner's just because I'm on vacation. I want to stay up late and not have to worry about getting babe his last cup of milk, or brushing his teeth, or snuggling him till he falls asleep (not that I don't love snuggles!)

This past weekend we celebrated our 6 year anniversary. And it was just another reminder of how much we need time alone. We didn't do anything too exciting since we are still patiently waiting for our Hawaii trip (soon hopefully) but we did go to a cute little bakery nearby and shared some fancy dessert. I had the yummiest cappuccino and my husband had tea.

Is anyone else planning any last summer vacation trips?
Also... Do you think it's weird that as a blogger I didn't dedicate a whole post to my anniversary? I think I read an anniversary post every day this week. Maybe I'll remember next year.
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  1. Haha you don't have to do a whole anniversary post! My BF and I don't even really know when our anniversary is haha, let alone when to celebrate. But I agree I've seen so many anniversary posts lately!

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee