Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dear Babe

Today was the last day of Kinder and in just 2 months you will begin your elementary journey as a big kid. It seems like just yesterday that daddy and I took you to Pre-K for the first time and we (you and me) both cried. For the first few days you didn't want to go, and now you love school and miss it, and your friends, when you are on break. When I asked you how your last day was you were excited to tell me you had a pizza party. You ate pizza, ice cream, a cookie and just HAD to try the lollipop that the teacher gave you as well. You said you had a tummy ache but it was SO good. We went out to Chipotle for dinner because you like the little bag of chips that come with the kids meal. 

I'm so proud of the things you have learned this past year. Math, writing sentences, and even reading! I almost cried yesterday when you were reading Curious George. We have some really fun stuff planned for the summer and I hope you enjoy every day of it. Kins is going to love having you around all day to play with. 

I love you so much Babe!

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