Thursday, May 14, 2015


week 19

It's been a little difficult to capture these kids EVERY week, especially by themselves. Babe insists on only taking pictures with his baby Kins and most of the time he just smothers her so much that she just starts to cry. 

Babe: obviously loves he little sister. He will be done with school in a few weeks and will get to spend so much quality time with her. We are currently trying to convince him that he doesn't need a huge train set taking up space in his room so that we can move Kins in with him, we'll see how that goes.

Kins: is growing so fast! She is almost 11 months. She wants to run but refuses to even stand on her own. We hold her in a standing position and her little feet move in a running motion and she shifts all her weight forward. My Husband is NOT looking forward to chasing her around all day. 

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