Wednesday, January 29, 2014

babe lately

babe has been one of 2 things lately...

1. a huge pain in the butt that doesn't listen to a single word coming out of our mouths, who thinks HE runs the household by spouting demands, and screaming and crying to no end if he doesn't get his way.

2. the cutest, sweetest kid who says the funniest most random things, who just wants to snuggle and kiss.

I asked my husband if he thought babe had a split personality because one night my husband made him a little snowman out of rice balls but it only lasted about 1 minute before collapsing. Babe said "well, it was a nice try" and ate his rice. I immediately thought how sweet of him to acknowledge my husband's effort and then immediately thought of a scenario where he was NOT in a good mood and would INSIST my husband rebuild the snowman and end up crying and falling asleep without taking a single bite of rice.

That's my babe for you. Of course we love him either way, yes... even when he is screaming in my face.

I don't know if it's because of the baby, I like to think he's old enough that he wouldn't be jealous, but I hope it's just a small phase and in a few months we won't even remember what a brat he was right before he turned 5.

Speaking of the baby:

he wants a sister! he is so cute. I asked "but what if it's a boy?", he said "well, then can we have a boy and a girl too?"... um, no... absolutely not.

a few weeks ago my SIL was over with her 2 kids and her baby was crying very close to our bedtime. I told babe "I hope the baby doesn't cry long, I'm tired", he said (pointing to my tummy) "maybe we shouldn't have this baby".

one day I was cleaning my room and he kept asking if I could play with him in his room. I told him I would go after I was done cleaning and said he should play by himself. he said "maybe I will play in my room all day when the baby pops off". yes, he said pops off... I love my babe.

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  1. Oh he's so cute!!! Raygans been thinking she runs the show lately too? Ummmm no way Jose.